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We are dedicated to helping brothel patrons find access to safe, secure businesses with the most respectable reputations. Our listings are maintained by business owners and they say our site is #1!

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A man searching out the best and most beautiful woman to provide him with companionship is an age old concept that has become complicated by our modern world. Gone are the days when finding a vivacious woman who wants nothing more than to please a man with her feminine ways was as easy as going about your daily business. Instead, today's man must try to fit in finding such a woman while using his limited time and other resources to do so. A myriad of other things jostle for time and space in the schedule of the typical man of today: work, school, hobbies, sports, social activities and the list goes on.

At, we are here to help you achieve your goal of finding a fabulous female to spend time with. We are on a mission to provide the people and visitors of Nevada with the very best in brothels for their pleasure and enjoyment. Whether you are a resident who is simply looking for a way to enjoy some time with a gorgeous babe or you are here on business and want a fun way to pass the time, we provide comprehensive listings of all the legal brothels in the state.

Nevada is known for being the best place in the entire country to find a beautiful woman. In a state that is as famous for its brothels as it is for its casinos, Nevada promises that men who enjoy the company of a beautiful woman will never be disappointed. Just because the state has this reputation though does not mean that finding the perfect woman is as easy it seems like it should be.

Here at the Nevada Brothel Finder, we take a great deal of the legwork out of the process of finding such a woman for you. There is no need to search around for suitable ladies that meet your needs and desires. At the legal brothels that are located across the state, they are all gathered in one place so that you can look them over at your leisure.

Those looking for brothels in Nevada from coast to coast (and Alaska and Hawaii) can go to at any time of day to find brothels in the Nevada area. Not only that, but interested parties can see reviews of each business from other patrons, so they can get a feel for a brothel and compare them to others. They can also see great daily deals from local brothels!

If copious reviews and pinpoint locations still aren’t enough, brothel patrons can head over to to seek reviews. Everyone can keep up-to-date with the latest in new and existing brothels with blog. If you need assistance finding the safest and best brothel in Nevada, you need to go no further than, your true Nevada brothel finder! At, our mission is simple: to help those people who are looking for brothels and escorts in Nevada to find the best ladies and the safest and most enjoyable experiences. With that goal in mind, we offer this website as a free service to visitors so that they are able to learn about the brothels and escorts in the area from the privacy of their own living room, hotel room, or wherever they might be. We do not collect any fees for providing you with this information. Instead, we simply want to become your go-to place when it comes finding top notch brothels and escorts in Nevada that have high quality women. Nevada Brothel Finder maintains listings of all the legal brothels in the state. Those brothels state that we provide the optimum service and we are rated #1 by them. By working closely with legal brothels, we strive to provide consumers with safe, sane and exciting opportunities to connect and spend time with some of the most beautiful women in the entire state. We know that just because you are busy, it does not mean that you do not have the same needs as other men. You want to spend time with a beautiful woman in order to be completely satisfied with your life. At Nevada Brothel Finder, we also know that while each man is different from the next, there are some commonalities that tend to run through them.

We Cater to Those Men Who Enjoy Stunning Visuals
Men are highly visual creatures. This is an attribute that has not diminished as humans have evolved. Though beauty is definitely in the eyes of the beholder, there are certain attributes that we can safely say that the vast majority of men will find highly attractive and exciting. Gorgeous hair, sparkling eyes, large breasts, a slender waist, firm butt and long legs are just a few of the basics that most men think of when they visualize their perfect woman. We strive to put you in touch with exactly those types of women. While each woman that works at the brothels in the state is different from the next, they all share the above attributes. Because brothels know just how much a lovely lady turns a man on, they seek to assemble the best of that talent right within their locations. Putting that information out there so that men can find it is the purpose of Nevada Brothel Finder.

Nevada Brothel Finders: A Well-Rounded Website
At Nevada Brothel Finders, our brothel listings are only one aspect of the services that we provide to you. In addition to offering an easy to use breakdown of the legal brothels by locations within the state, we also offer a stunning selection of Las Vegas and Nevada escorts that are available to spend time with you. We know that there are some times when visiting a brothel might be a better choice for you while other times an escort will be exactly what you need. While the two services are related - they both provide you with a safe and fun way to spend time with a beautiful woman - they are differ in certain aspects. If you need some guidance on which service is best for your needs, feel free to contact us. We can be reached by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (702) 944-7773. Our contact form is also available for you to get in touch with us. Simply use it to submit your question or request and we will answer you in just a short time.

Special Requests are our Specialty
At Nevada Brothel Finder, we know that there are some things that are pretty much the same no matter which man we are talking about. We think it is safe to assume that men love looking at a hot woman. While breast size is a matter of individual preference; it is safe to assume that men like a woman's breasts to be firm and ample. Long legs, a slender waist, and shiny gorgeous hair are other features that men almost universally like in a woman. On the other hand, we also know that men have different things that turn them on. For example, most men love variety. Whether it is a selection of different women or the freedom to try different positions, a man tends to get bored with the same things after awhile. Finding a woman who does not mind this type of variety-hopping is going to be pretty rare. By visiting a brothel, a man can enjoy exactly the type of variety he likes without having to answer to anyone but himself. He can avoid all the drama and tears that so often crop up when a man broaches the subject of adding in another woman to their regular routine. One example is the popular male fantasy of having two women doting on him at one time. Due to all the erogenous zones that are located all over a man's body, it really is the ultimate sexual experience for him to have. When it comes to bringing up the subject with a girlfriend or significant other though it can result in jealousy rearing its ugly head. Visiting a brothel allows you to experience this fantasy in a safe environment with women who are experienced in providing a memorable experience for the man. While having two women is probably the most common male fantasy, it is not the only one floating around. Being spanked, dressing up in women's clothing and role playing are some other popular male fantasies that might result with a girlfriend raising an eyebrow or two in judgment.

A Safe and Non-Judgmental Atmosphere
The women who are employed by the brothels and agencies have seen everything. There is nothing that surprises them and there is never any judgment coming from them. They are there simply to make sure that you have a good time, no matter how your fantasies play out. You are in total control of the situation.

Not All Brothels are Alike
Just because Nevada is the only state that legalizes brothels does not mean that all the brothels located in the state are legal. We do not know the statistics but feel like it is safe to say that there are a number of illegal brothels scattered throughout the state. There is a huge difference between legal and illegal brothels. We only list legal brothels here at Nevada Brothel Finder. There is a good reason why we do so. Legal brothels are highly regulated by the state so that both the man and the woman are protected. In addition, the health of the public is protected as well. This helps to ensure that certain standards are met so that the consumer has a satisfactory experience. Each woman who works for a legal brothel must be tested as being disease free. If a woman tests positive for any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), she is not to work in the brothel. There are strict testing methods and times. In addition, there are harsh penalties that are levied against brothels should they allow a woman to work who has tested positive. Nevada Brothel Finder wants you to have the best experience with a woman that you have ever had so we fully support legal brothels. You can rest assured that the brothels that are listed on our site have all their paperwork filed correctly and that they are following all the rules, regulations and standards implemented by the state of Nevada. In other words, you can have all the fun you want without worrying about compromising your health because of it.

Mutual Respect is Expected
We at Nevada Brothel Finder are a very client oriented company. We are always looking out for the men or women who use our services. We do whatever we can to make the process smoother and more pleasant. The bottom line is that if you are feeling great about an experience with one of the brothels on our website or one of our Las Vegas escorts, then we can go to sleep with a huge smile on our faces. Nevada Brothel Finder is also a big proponent of respect. We treat each of our clients with the type of respect that we feel like we deserve. This respect helps to build goodwill and it means that we stand behind what we provide to you, our customer. Respect is a two way street though that we want to walk in all of our dealings with our clients. We are available all day, every day via both phone and email. If you have a concern or a question, we encourage you to contact us to see if we can help you out. There is no request too large or too small for us to help you navigate. In fact, we relish the opportunity to meet new challenges with the enthusiasm that helps us find solutions to every man's happiness. Respect for the women that you encountered at the brothels is also a given. These women, while there to provide you with the type of pleasurable experience that you have always dreamed of, are still to be talked to and treated the same way you would want someone to treat you. It is this type of treatment that makes the world a better place and we stand behind it 100%.

A Public Service for the Men of Nevada
It takes a man to understand a man and we know that men want to be with beautiful women. We at Nevada Brothel Finder also know that men often do not want to do the work of having to find a great lady or else a man might not be able to do so. Nevada Brothel Finder was launched to fill this niche that we discovered in the life of a local or visitor in Nevada. We provide this service free of charge. We do not charge you a dime to come on our website and browse through our extensive listing of legal brothels in the state. We feel like we are doing you, the people of Nevada, a public service by providing these listings. After all, we thought of the idea when we realized that there was no comprehensive listing of the legal brothels in the state. While we love providing this free service to you, we also think that you will share with others if you have a good time with the women who work at the brothels. Because the brothels that we have listed on our website are all legal, we can say with great confidence that you will have an exemplary experience regardless of which one you choose. If your buddy is feeling the need to have the companionship of a woman but he simply does not have the time to devote to finding a woman and maintaining the relationship, we think you will want to share the fabulous time you had at one of the brothels you found on our website. Another way to tell your fellow man about the fabulous attributes that exist in Nevada is by leaving a few comments about the brothels or escorts you have visited. Being able to share your experiences will help the next man who comes along to our website but is having a hard time finding a brothel to meet his needs. If he can easily find the specifics about a particular brothel, he might have an easier time making up his mind. Think of the great service you will provide to your fellow man by writing about your experiences with the brothel.

Too Busy? We Can Help

At Nevada Brothel Finder, we know how hard it is to find the time to meet a beautiful woman. Once you meet a lady that you want to pursue further, your work is not done. Really it is just beginning. In almost all cases, you need to dedicate a huge chunk of your time and money to wining and dining the woman in order to move the fledgling relationship to its intended goal: more intimacy.

By using Nevada Brothel Finder, you have your pick of lovely ladies who are just waiting for you. As pleasant, charming and sophisticated as they are beautiful, these women are ready to enjoy your company. We cut out all the waiting and talking that goes into cultivating a relationship so that you can get down to the business of exploring the female body.

Hard to Meet Quality Girls

This is probably the second most common problem we hear about here at the Nevada Brothel Finder. Some men tell us that they actually are able to find the time to meet women. Those women that they are able to meet, however, are not ones that provide them with the qualities that they are looking for. It is not like these men are asking for the impossible or that they have spectacularly high standards though

If you are like most men, you first and foremost want a woman who meets your standards of beauty. Since every man has a different look that they crave, you will find that our Nevada Brothel Finder provides you with brothels and Las Vegas escorts that have a variety of different women. Not only will these women meet your standards for beauty, they will also be personable, happy to see you and witty.

You will not find any women who feed on drama or who have excessive amounts of baggage. These women simply want the opportunity to make a man feel his best. Why? Because they get immense pleasure from being able to see a man turn to putty under their skilled fingers, tongues and thighs.

It is a Scary World Out There These Days

Diseases that can quickly be acquired, often without you even realizing it until much later, and that last your entire lifetime are a very real possibility that can occur during sexual encounters these days. While there are processes in place that can help provide a level of protections - using condoms, for example, or getting tested for diseases before moving on to that stage of the relationship - each of these has its distinct disadvantages.

The single most important disadvantage for many men is that this takes time. Using Nevada Brothel Finder to find a brothel that is close to you means that all you have to do is to show up. You can be assured that in order to comply with the strict standards that are set in place by the state, all the lovely ladies and Las Vegas escorts that are employed by the brothels and agencies on our website have been thoroughly vetted as being disease free.

Of course, being disease free is only one small part of staying safe. Brothels and agencies only employ those women who have been thoroughly screened. With the extensive background checks that are in place, brothels only allow those women who are drama free and full of personality to work for them. After all, they want you, their customer, to be comfortable and happy during your visit.

The Shy Man or Those Who Are Inexperienced

There is a good reason why some cultures in the past feature fathers who take their inexperienced and shy sons to see a particular woman for their first sexual experience. By doing so much of the pressure is off of the son and he is able to enjoy himself. Not only that, but he can get practice talking to a gorgeous woman who wants to be there instead of being dismissed or having to read mixed signals sent by an equally inexperienced girl. When you show up at a brothel, the expectations are already in place.

Many young men also lack extensive knowledge of the mechanics of sex. While they know the basics, that is really only the beginning. In order to have the best and most satisfying sex life, there is really much more than relying simply on the mechanics of the act. Besides being patient and enthusiastic teachers, the women that you find at Nevada Brothel Finder are experts at putting men of all ages to ease and passing on their all-encompassing expertise to those men who visit them.

Visiting the Gambling Capital of the World

Las Vegas has long held the title of the gambling capital of the world. With an array of exciting ways to gamble, a visit to the state tops the bucket list of many people. In addition to the array of gambling options, though, there is much more to see in the city. Entertainment that is unrivaled anywhere else in the world often comes to mind as well when one thinks of Las Vegas.

Beautiful dancing girls in skimpy outfits, amazing sleight-of-hand magic shows and top-notch singing groups are only a few of the many options for entertainment. While these entertainment venues are exciting on their own, even for people who are there alone, it makes everything better to be able to enjoy the company of a beautiful woman. In fact, if you consider yourself to have high standards, you will be particularly pleased when it comes to the women of Nevada. In addition to our brothel finder, our website can also be used to help you find the perfect Las Vegas escort to accompany you while you are visiting your favorite casino or entertainment venue.

Traveling to the State for Pleasure

There is a great deal to love about Nevada. While many people come to the state to spend time at the casinos, the state has much more to offer. There is a great deal of history that is woven throughout the state. If you are a history buff, you can be sure that there is plenty see here. In addition to the more well-known historical sites, there are also those that are more off the beaten path. These let you really get to know the state. We can put you in touch with an escort that will be ecstatic to accompany you while you explore the sights. Or line up a visit to a brothel when you are finished exploring and you need to unwind and relax.

Business Travelers

Nevada is home to a number of large and booming cities that house many vibrant businesses. As a business-friendly state, Nevada enjoys a healthy economy. Many businesses send their employees to the state on business matters. Whether these trips are long or short, a great deal of men experience loneliness during these times and want to spend some time with a gorgeous woman. A brothel provides the perfect way to do so in a safe and healthy environment. The entire brothel experience is pretty straightforward and offers men the opportunity to enjoy a pretty babe without any of the worries that are often associated with women.

A Brief Overview of a Brothel

Many men think that a brothel is this stiff and uncaring environment that has you looking over a few women in an embarrassing manner before going into a back room for a quick session. In truth, this image is far from the reality. Most brothels have some type of distinct theme – much like your favorite fast food restaurant that has uniforms of the same type so that you instantly know you are there - that sets them apart from other brothels.

Rather than you simply going into a room by yourself, you enter an exciting and invigorating atmosphere. There you will be able to partake in your favorite beverages while you unwind from your drive to the brothel. Relax and take a look around to get your bearings. You will quickly notice all the enticing female bodies that are right there for you to look at.

Take your time and have another drink as you look for those women who capture your eye. Even though there are many wonderful ladies, you will eventually need to narrow your search down to one or two that you want to have a private session with. While each brothel has its particular layout, it is safe to say that a brothel will have several private rooms and other areas where you and your lady can be off by yourselves.

This type of privacy breeds lots of intimacy and this is where the real fun starts. Whether your idea of a fun time involves lots of props or something a bit more benign, what happens next is up to you. You decide how long the session with your lady lasts and what happens between the two of you. You are the one who decides if you want to have two women or if your want to stick with one hottie at a time.

Brothels are designed with the men and visitors of Nevada in mind. Providing this valuable service to those men is something that we here believe in very strongly. is the premier source for finding all the best, classiest and most tasteful brothels that employ stunning, delicious and decadent women in the state. Whether you are in Las Vegas, 430 miles away in Reno or somewhere in between, you can find a legal brothel to suit your needs and desires when it comes to the hottest babes in the state. We make this information easy to find so that it is always at the ready when you need it.

Nevada Brothel Finder encourages you to be interactive with us. We welcome your reviews and ratings on the brothels that we list on our website. If you have a fabulous experience at a brothel, do not keep it to yourself. Instead share your experience with us on our website.



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