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Brazil is the creme de la creme in beauty, intelligence and sophistication. Her heavy curtain of bone-straight brunettes tresses, draping down to the middle of her back, also frame a sweet, delicate face with a sweet and delicate demeanor to match. Brazil's look, is that of a refined beauty that could fit into any framework.


It is well known that Brazil is a world class woman and a first class Las Vegas Escort. Flawless, from her silky brunette head down to her soft delicate feet. Her sassy red lip color makes a bold and beautiful contrast to her soft, doe brown eyes, which are framed by thick, sable lashes. Add to that her sexy demure mannerisms, coupled with a downright promiscuous streak, and what you have is the trappings for a satisfying connection. With her refinement, beauty and grace, contrasted with her ability and willingness to unveil a more uninhibited streak. Brazil could very well be the perfect Las Vegas escort companion because of her beauty and charm you can take her anywhere and she will fit in perfectly. She is always smiling because of her pleasant disposition and has a good sense of humor. Even though Brazil is extremely beautiful and refined, she is still down to earth and knows how to laugh at herself. She is pleasant to look at and pleasant company. Her sex appeal is understated and seeps through her polished veneer a little at a time. Brazil's sensual appeal is smoldering and has to be kindled into a flame. Even when she is on fire, she is still elegant and beautiful. Brazil is the perfect date for a night on the town visiting all of the finest delights that Las Vegas has to offer. She loves to lounge at the sky lounge at Green Valley Ranch, and watch the glittering lights of the entire Las Vegas Strip sparkle seductively against the backdrop of the black Las Vegas sky.


Brazil has the soft curve of femininity around her hips and a toned, muscular core. Her rear end is small, firm and perfectly round like two coconuts. Brazil has a very seductive sway to her stately frame as she glides across the floor. Her sensual gyrations when she moves, makes for a very sexy, eye catching saunter. Her long, lithe sexy frame is punctuated by feminine swells and recesses from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. She stays polished and flawless in style and finesse. Her beautiful brunette tresses are super straight and absolutely stunning. Brazil is a perfect 10. Even though Brazil is refined she is still open to trying new and exciting things. Take a new adventure together exploring fabulous Las Vegas, NV with sexy brunette, Brazil. A plethora of sensations are available for the taking in a city known for having perfected the art of a good time. There is no time like now, so pick up the phone and call, have your credit card handy and ask for “Brazil”. Enjoy yourself.




You’ve seen the photos of Brazilian soccer fans. You’ve seen other videos online from Brazil. Without a doubt, Brazil is the land of the smoking hot Brazilian lady. It is this inspiration from which Brazil takes her name. She knows she’s sexy. She knows she can turn your brain off with a smile and gear your body up with a soft touch of her hand on your cheek. She is a stunner, without doubt. And if Brazil is the land of sex and adventure in South America, Brazil the lady is also a woman of adventure. “I spend a lot of time thinking about what it means to be truly feminine,” she explains. “We use that word all the time but we never really think about what it means. What is femininity? Is it being soft and supple? Is it looking good in lingerie? Is it cooking and cleaning and being a good woman to your man? Is it having a successful career? It seems like everywhere you turn, people are debating what it means to be feminine.”


Brazil loves men and loves being with men, and she explains she doesn’t understand why there is so much arguing among the sexes these days. “I go on to social media sites and I see nothing but people arguing. They argue that men are all predators. They argue that women are all stupid. They bicker back and forth about whose fault things are. They talk about marriage and the fact that it’s hopeless. Then they say the studies that claim a high divorce rate are actually out of date and wrong. And when it’s all over, you really don’t know what to think. Do you? Does anyone?”


Brazil makes no mistake that she wants the sexes to get along, because she thinks that is when women and men have the most fun. “Men need women,” she says, “just like women need men. They go together. And when they’re together, that’s when they have the most fun. I love to get down. I love to go out and party. It doesn’t matter if it’s at a club, or in a restaurant, or at a private party with friends, there is nothing I like more than to party all night and watch the sun come up. But if you are doing that alone, there is no joy in it. You have to have someone to share the party with, or what is the point?” When asked where her philosophy comes from, Brazil says it’s all rooted in her earliest experiences with men. “I had a boyfriend once who was so sweet,” she explains. “He would do anything I asked of him, anything at all. It wasn’t that he was ‘whipped.’ I don’t think that’s the sort of thing that makes a man attractive, just begging for some tail and being willing to go through any grief you hand out to him for that sake. This boyfriend, he really liked me. He really thought I was the center of the world. So he was willing to do anything I wanted because he genuinely cared for me.”


So why didn’t it work out? Brazil admits that, too, very readily. “I wasn’t ready for a serious relationship,” she says. “I wanted to get out, see people, do new things. I wasn’t ready to settle down. I think his heart was there. I still wonder about him sometimes. I bet if he could see what I look like now, he’d be even more willing to do whatever I asked. But now I’m making myself blush. He was great.”

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