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Katrina is an Asian Caucasian mix. Long silky shiny straight mane for you to gather together in your fist. Katrina loves role play and dressing up in the costumes to match the role Katrina's favorite pastime is having a good time with the right person on her side, but that is not what you would be paying her for, because she just likes doing that for free.


One of Katrina's most sought after assets is her beautiful looks. She is so confident about her looks that she feels comfortable in the shortest skirts or an elegant cocktail dress.


Katrina loves to have good time and share excitement with the people she is with. You will immediately feel like you know her for a long time whens he makes you feel like an old friend. While she can be seductive, that’s not all she has to offer.


If you are looking for the more innocent type you want Casey or Briana. Katrina is very beautiful and has such a tight toned body. Her tight flat tummy, her smooth slender thighs, the mounds of her large breasts straining to bust out of a too tight sweater, and her beautiful face are very sexy to look at from any position and from any perspective.


Katrina is very smart and attributes her superior intelligence to fueling wanton ways. Her sexy Asian smokey eye shadow, framing a look of submission in her eyes, has an enticing effect toward wanton deliciousness. Come and take a taste. All this and brains too. Katrina uses her intelligence in a sexy way, always coming up with novel stimulation to keep your interest solely on her. Katrina's number one priority is the quality of the relationship she shares with her dates. She is looking to have and to give a good time, going out to the best restaurants, shows and clubs. Katrina favors the party atmosphere and has some very provocative moves on and off the dance floor.


Katrina is the perfect choice for the gentleman looking to party the night away with exclusive drinks and loud club music. She knows where all the hottest parties are happening in Las Vegas 24/7. If there is a happening party going on, Katrina is the first one to know about it. As a matter of fact, it may not be considered “happening” until Katrina gives it her stamp of party approval.


So forget the cares of the everyday world and escape with Katrina to a world full of hot fun and excitement. Take advantage of the very larger than life fantasy world that Las Vegas has staked its carefully crafted reputation on, without limits.




“It’s a fact that when you work out like I do, you produce a body that gets a lot of stares,” says Katrina. “The local gym where I used to go is what they call a ‘meat market.’ It’s not the sort of place where people who are out of shape go to get into shape. It’s the sort of place where people who are already in incredible shape go to maintain that shape and be seen by their fellow hotties. I used to go there, knowing I was hot, knowing that men would look at me, and I don’t deny it. It was a turn on, knowing they were staring at me. I would work one of the machines, feeling the sweat pour off my body in my little workout outfit, and I would wonder what filthy things they were thinking. That sort of thing... that’s great for your self-esteem. There is nothing better for feeling good about yourself than to know you are turning people on, that they are looking at you and practically drooling over themselves.”


Katrina says that the atmosphere that once attracted her to that gym is the same thing that drove her away from it eventually. “I felt like I was toying with the men there, after a while,” she says, laughing at herself. “Eventually I was spending more time thinking about the men and women around me than I was about my workout. That’s no good. You can’t focus on improving yourself if you’re worried about what other people think in that way. It’s too much external focus. When you’re working out, when you’re working on your body, you’ve got to be able to focus on yourself from the inside out. It’s a mental game before it is a physical game.”


That mental game, Katrina says, is why people come to the gym and then keep coming back, instead of just quitting. “Going to the gym is hard,” says Katrina. “That’s one of the reasons it pays to have a workout partner. If you’re accountable to a partner, it keeps you going back more consistently than if you had no one to notice when you didn’t go. Not going to the gym is the easiest, most gutless thing you can do. Just stay on the couch. Just don’t leave the house. You’re already there, so inertia is keeping you rooted there. To get up off that couch is difficult by comparison.”


Katrina explains that what she likes about costumes and role-play is the opportunity to disappear from herself. “I like taking on a new role,” she says. “It’s never permanent. That’s the beauty of role-play. For just a little while, you get to live out a fantasy, and you’re not limited to just one. You can have as many costumes as you have fantasies, and you can work through as many fantasies as you are brave enough to bring up with your partner.”


This bravery, Katrina says, is no small thing. “Fantasies, especially role play fantasies, are deeply personal things,” she says. “Getting somebody to come clean about that takes a lot of work, sometimes. We don’t just come out with that. You can be with someone for a very long time and never really know the depths of their most kinky fantasies. These are things we don’t always share even with the people who know us best. There are married couples who harbor fantasies that they never share. When you’re just casually dating, it’s a good bet you never give voice to some of these forbidden desires. It’s healthy to do so.”

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