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Haley can be just as elegant as she is alluring. Clinging her body possessively against yours in public, so that every guy envies you for your personal companion. Haley loves to make them jealous of you by clinging possessively to you in such a way that the message is; nobody can have her, except you. She knows how to stroke your ego by saying the right things, at the right time. Sweet words tumbling across sweet lips with her full attention on you. Watch out though, because she has a girlfriend that looks just like her and she has a tendency to invite along. Haley is attracted to men and bombshell blondes such as herself. Haley says she enjoys the petal soft hands of a woman stroking her lean tight body.


She also has an innocent air about herself and is eager to learn about you. She is an attentive listener soaking up everything you have to teach her. Haley is very teachable, you can teach her how to do things exactly like you like them. And she is a fast learner. A very yielding personality, bubbly and carefree, almost like a teenager. She looks very young and has a youthful body. Somewhat delicate and pristine with all her body parts looking like they are just beginning to bud. Her waist length straight bleach blonde hair lays seductively across her shoulders and drapes seductively down her back ending at a fresh little apricot looking butt.


Haley has a sweet seductive tone to her voice and it is a pleasure to hear her tell of all the things she likes about being in your company. Haley is a sincere ego stroker. She really looks up to her gentlemen and really loves escorting them. It is just as much her pleasure to be escorting you, as it is your pleasure to be escorted by her.


Haley has a fresh look, young and vibrant. Her body is has the firm tone of youth, the curve of her breasts, hips and slender bottom all have the look of a body much younger because of her petite build. It is easy to perch Haley on your lap at the blackjack table, while enjoying a show or sipping Mimosa at the high end slot machines. Haley doesn't have much experience in the escort business, but she is an eager and willing learner. Haley is a babe. She has a very pretty face, made-up with thick mascara and million dollar red lips. Million dollar red manicured fingernails, and million dollar red pedicured toenails, bleach blonde hair and a somewhat innocent face. Somewhat. Haley is fresh out of the gate so to speak. Haley likes to lounge around in super short cut-off jeans and high heels. She is mighty fine to look at indoors, outdoors and behind closed doors she looks stunning in lingerie. Her body is brazen in matching lingerie and she has a stunning adult wear wardrobe that she sometimes like to have viewed by a private audience. Every part of Haley’s body can fit into the palm of your hand.




“Men love it when you show people that you are owned by them,” says Haley, revealing some of her dating secrets. “When I’m out with a man, I like to stay on his arm all night, and now and then, I’ll press myself up against him. I’m showing all the other men and women around that I’m his, that he owns me right now, and that I’m happy to be his property. For my guy, that’s an incredible turn on. For the other men watching, that is also an incredible turn on, because they are picturing me naked, thinking what they would do to me if they were the lucky one on my arm. And some of the women? They’re thinking the same thing, and that’s the greatest turn on of all.”


Haley explains that she has had a girlfriend for some time and is bisexual. “Being into women isn’t like you might think it is,” she says. “Some men think you’re a lesbian who just tolerates men. But that’s not how it is with me at all. I love being with men. I love being with women, too. Both bodies, male and female, have something unique to offer. I have a girlfriend because I want a steady, beautiful, female touch in my life. I want to feel the hand of a woman on my body, on my stomach, on my ass. i want to know that she’s there for me. But I also like men. I would never give up one or the other. And my lovers have to know that and be okay with that. Most of them are.”


“The female body,” Haley goes on, “is for seduction. Look at those curves. Look at those hips. A woman is just made for bringing a man to his knees. She can do that with how she looks. She can do that with how she acts. And she can do that with how she sounds. I pride myself on my ability to seduce a man with just words. I can use my voice to make him hotter under the collar than he’s ever felt. It’s a natural gift.”


“The female body,” Haley goes on, “is for seduction. Look at those curves. Look at those hips. A woman is just made for bringing a man to his knees. She can do that with how she looks. She can do that with how she acts. And she can do that with how she sounds. I pride myself on my ability to seduce a man with just words. I can use my voice to make him hotter under the collar than he’s ever felt. It’s a natural gift.”


Haley explains that it’s not just a question of talking dirty, although that’s part of it. “It has a lot more to do with the tone of your voice,” she says. “You know that little moaning, croaking thing that Britney Spears does with her voice? It’s hard to explain, but if you’ve heard one of her songs, you know what I’m talking about. She does this tone thing with her voice that is just raw sex. It makes you think of pleasure, makes you think of a woman screaming out in orgasm. It’s just the most incredible thing. I can do something like that with my voice. I can make my voice just drip sexiness. It’s fun to do it. I like unleashing my wild side.”


“I think a lot of women underestimate just how powerful their voices are,” says Haley. “When you whisper into a man’s ear, when you slide your tongue up against his ear and you tell him some filthy, dirty things, there isn’t a man alive who doesn’t like that. It’s a combination of the intimate gesture and the way you say the words, together with what you are telling him. Talking dirty to a man is like making a promise, but most men know that there is no guarantee of acting on it. They know you’re putting an idea in their head, and it’s the idea that just kind of simmers in there and turns them on.”

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