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Jordan is an athletic blonde kitten. She has the toned curvy build soft, silky skin smoothed over lean muscle, and large natural breasts. These breasts are a little more than a handful and a half and they are firm and soft and they bounce. Jordan does 200 sit-ups every day so her strong, muscular belly is tight as a drum, with the subtly curve of strong muscle underneath.


Jordan’s tight, toned belly is her proudest accomplishment, she works very hard at the gym to get her belly tight and muscle toned like it is. Jordan's curvaceous waistline is accentuated by her long torso giving her the look of an hourglass. Jordan actually has two hourglasses, to her sexy physique, the one outlining her fabulous abs, and the one outlining the rest of her fabulous core.


Jordan likes to play a little bit mysterious and wear peek-a-boo type clothing. She likes long, clingy, slinky gowns with long slits. So that her graceful saunter is punctuated with slivers of smooth legs in strappy heels, peeking from underneath her gown with each step, and then hiding again. Jordan is classic beauty with a witty charm, very personable with an easy manner. Jordan likes a little romance; flowers, candy and gifts. Jordan is high maintenance. She likes to go out with guys who wear high end designer fashions, flaunting expensive automobiles. She likes getting gifts of jewels, and expensive jewelry. Jordan is very materialistic. She is turned-on by money and material things.


She doesn't care anything else about a gentleman except about his financial status. Jordan is high-class, she makes the high class money too. Jordan is a stunning long-legged blonde that is worth every dime. Jordan is no stranger to spending a gentleman's money and knows how to look sexy doing it. She compensates big spenders with her own brand of escorting maintenance that she calls “showing increasingly more appreciation.”


Jordan knows that she is extremely beautiful and physically fit. Jordan enjoys posing seductively while you fantasize about having your way with her. She is so beautiful, it is easy to get aroused just by looking at her. Jordan is a feminine, blonde beauty with a perfectly sculpted body. The epitome of the blonde bombshell, tall and lean and buxom. She looks absolutely fabulous in a 2-piece bikini. And absolutely fabulous in general with her understated sex appeal.


A real knock-out wearing a patent leather skin-tight bodysuit, with high heels framing jewel-studded perfectly pedicured toes. Unconsciously stroking strategic places on her own body, with her perfectly manicure jewel-studded fingers, like running them through her long blonde hair, or seductively across her collarbone. Jordan is the classy type that prefers to engage in one-on-one type activities, like a dinner and a show. She likes to sip Champagne at the bar and her dancing style is more intimate, rather than club style. She likes to dance hand in hand, with a gentleman's body close to hers moving in sync to a slow rhythmic choreography.


“Men love stomachs,” Jordan explains. “I know that isn’t always the first thing people think of. When people think of body parts, it’s usually about boobs and butts and little else. Maybe legs. I can think of rock songs that are all about legs, and of course on the radio now there are all kinds of booty songs. But nobody actually does songs about stomachs. And that’s a shame, because for many men, even most men, a firm, flat, toned stomach is incredibly sexy. That’s what makes a crop top so sexy, you know. It’s being able to see her stomach. All men think about placing their palm on that flat tummy, working it around a little and then moving up to her breasts. It’s almost genetic.”


It is this love for stomachs among the male of the species that drives Jordan’s desire to work on hers. “it’s my favorite part of my workout,” she says. “Well, that’s kind of a lie. My favorite part of my workout is actually catching glimpses of the men at the gym, who are sneaking looks at me. I love to be on a machine, sweating like crazy, working to make my sexy body even sexier, and knowing that the men around me, while they are working out too, are completely distracted by me in their midst. I have even seen some men snapping camera phone pictures when they thought I was looking. I don’t mind it. I love being the center of attention. When those men go home and they think about me, I can’t think of a more incredible compliment. I made somebody’s day just by being me and being where I could be seen.”


This is why Jordan loves wearing leather. “I can’t get enough of it,” she says. “I love how it smells and how it feels against my skin. And men adore a woman in leather. It’s high up on the fantasy lists of many men, and it should be, because it’s super sexy. I saw one of those makeover shows once where men chose outfits for their wives or girlfriends. Big surprise, when those men got done shopping, a lot of their women were decked out in skintight leather, and they looked gorgeous! In a lot of cases, women just don’t bother to dress sexy. They don’t think that they have it ‘going on,’ so they don’t try. The fact is that if more women dressed sexy, the men around them would be completely blown away by it.”


Knowing just how beautiful and fit she is, Jordan says that it’s very important to come to terms with that as a woman. “I know, I know,” she says, laughing. “You’re thinking, ‘oh, what a terrible hardship, to be hot and desired by men.’ But the thing is, a lot of women who are attractive, and there are plenty of them out there, have no idea how to handle it. It is absolutely true that the hotter a woman is, the less approachable she seems. Men who would very much like to be with her and to date her sometimes don’t approach, figuring that some other more handsome guy, some guy they think of is higher up on the scale than they are, will do it. But the fact is that just about everybody is out of somebody else’s league. If more men approached those super hot women when they are out having fun, they might find that you don’t have to be Brad Pitt to get the attention of a lovely young lady. You just have to be kind.”

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