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Briana is a young woman that looks a number of years younger than she really is. Briana has a pencil thin body with small perky jubblies, very narrow hips and backside. Briana looks like she has never been touched by a boy, and enjoys accentuating her underdeveloped body with cotton undergarments.


Her thin and long straight Blonde hair lie passively on her neck and shoulders; while the wispy ends scantily adorn tiny hard pink nipples. Briana is always freshly shaven because it contributes to the feeling of sensitivity. Briana is very fresh faced and natural looking and comes across as being very naive. But make no mistake, she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.


Briana's slight frame is so tiny that everything looks much larger when it is next to her. She was the popular girl in high school, head of her cheer leading squad. She's light on her feet and moves her body well. It feels toned and tight when you rest your hand on the curve of her waist. Briana has petal soft skin and petal soft hands. She is light and easy to maneuver. A cute, little skinny toothpick of a natural blonde.


She doesn't mind being in a more intimate setting such as dinner for two, or tandem jumping. Briana is best for when you want to go places where it is just you and her. Like to the movies, or Lake Mead. Briana is not into the club scene, it is too much of a hassle because she looks so young. She'd rather lounge poolside in a private cabana at one of the big hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. Couple of bottles of something. Just you and her. Briana's bouncy little white girl attitude is adorable, she is very happy and upbeat. Briana is just fun to be around no matter where you decide to go, no matter what you decide to do, you will thoroughly enjoy Briana's company.


Briana is full of energy and fire, that when applied, translates into an eager to please attitude, countenance and mannerisms. You won't be bored with Briana she knows how to entertain you. She knows how to do all the stuff that you like to do, that only two people can do together. Like fall in love for example. Briana has a romantic streak and likes private rooftop picnics and gifts. She likes strolling side by side hips touching, under the Lights of The Las Vegas Strip.


Briana fits just right in a pub setting, looking cute sipping on a bottle of beer through a straw. Playing darts, shooting pool and listening to the juke box. Briana simply prefers to be in more intimate settings. She would love to just come to your hotel room and entertain you there. Watch a movie, the game, have some drinks. Allow nature to take its course and go with the flow.




“I’m evidence that good things come in small packages,” says Briana, giggling as she says it. “I’m innocent looking, I know. I like looking sweet, But I’m not so innocent at all, and I can prove that. That’s where my love of strippers and stripping comes from.”


Briana regularly takes in strip shows. She enjoys going out to strip clubs with men on dates. “I know it isn’t as rare as some people think it is,” she says. “Women go to strip clubs with their men pretty often, actually. But still, when you look at the numbers, there really aren’t very many women there. So when I walk in on the arm of a man, and we start buying lap dances, and that gorgeous stripper gets down over me and we lock eyes, you can bet there isn’t a man in that room who isn’t watching everything we’re doing.”


Briana admits that she feels a freedom, when working the pole, that she doesn’t feel anywhere else. “I used to wonder, before I started stripping, where the whole pole thing comes from,” she admits. “I mean, was it symbolic? Who that that up the first time? But then when I started doing it, I realized just how much fun the pole is. It gives you a way to kind of center your dance for the people watching. It’s a way to bring yourself back to center, a pivot around which to move. It can support you. You can play off it. It can take the place of a lover. It is there because you are the center of the dance and it is the center of the dance floor. I really love stripping.”


Briana says this isn’t just about being naked in front of strangers, either, although that may be part of it. “Sure, part of stripping is the exhibitionism,” she says. “Slowly taking off your clothes while you rock out to the music. Watching the looks on men’s faces, the anticipation, as you slowly reveal every part of yourself. That’s very much a turn on. I like knowing I’m being watched. I used to undress naked in front of my window because I knew that men on the street could sometimes see me, and that was incredibly sexy to me. They couldn’t see anything indecent from the angle they were watching, but they knew what I was doing, and I knew that they knew. It was erotic.”


Given her background and an ample supply of costumes, Briana freely states that she has no preference for either the “girl next door” or “freak next door” parts of her personality. “Whatever my friends are looking for when they find me,” she tells us, “It’s still just me. It’s my body. Whatever fantasy is being acted out, whatever turn on is being turned in, so to speak, I’m the one in control of all that. That control, that power, is what stripping is all about. Have you watched a stripper control an entire room of men? If she turns them on enough, she could start asking them to do things, and if they honestly thought they had a chance of being with her, they just might do them. It’s like something out of a movie about mind control. But all it really is, is the power of being sexy.”


“The most beautiful gift any woman can give the whole world,” she says, “is to be unapologetically hot. We don’t get enough of that. We don’t have enough of that. The world needs more sexy girls. Sexy girls make the entire world go around.”

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