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Asia has a tendency toward submissiveness. Her exotic beauty is transcendent. One look into her smoky eyes and you know your wish is granted. Asia is credentialed in Massage Therapy, and if you are lucky she may decide to show just how skilled she really is.


Parts of Asia’s exotic accents are her large, brown nipples, instead of pink. Asia is a lovely, brunette haired smoking hot sexy servant girl. She will cater to your whims without complaint and do whatever you say – within reason. Asia is very proud of her beautiful body and loves to do everything topless.


Asia body has soft, feminine mounds, that are firm but yielding to pressure, like a perfectly ripe avocado. Asia's demeanor is quiet, she is not brazen with her sexuality. She is very yielding and accommodating. Asia is the perfect companion if you are looking to be in control.


Asia's accommodating manner does everything, with the thought in mind to help the gentleman to be happy. As if her curvy voluptuous frame isn't enough to please him on sight. Asia respectful disposition is a crowd-pleaser, especially since it is attached to such a disrespectfully sexy looking body. Disrespectful to all the girls that don't look like her. She tries to be demure, but is hard to hide that sexy curvy body.


Asia is a lovely, brunette haired beauty that has a submissive quality to her that is just as much a turn on as her fabulous physique. When you take her out on the town she always makes sure you are comfortable and relaxed, enjoying yourself. She will light your cigarette, and keep your drinks refreshed. You won't have to lift a finger, Asia will take good care of you.


Asia's firm body is maintained by regular aerobic exercise and swimming. Asia is a nice girl to spend your time and money with. Asia is not afraid of physical contact, she likes a lot of it in fact. She likes hugs and little swats on her bottom. Asia loves for a gentleman to admire her sexy body with his attention.


Wrap your arms around her and hold her close as you slow dance together, moving in perfect harmony. Peace, harmony, beauty and tranquility is all wrapped up into this super sexy little package. Asia is good for a quiet evening slow dancing alone, or she can take you places you've never been. However you want to do it is entirely up to you. You are paying for her time, the time is yours, the time is now. Call and ask for Asia right now.




“People ask me how I got involved in massage therapy,” Asia tells us. “I think anybody has natural abilities, some more than others. When you look deep into yourself and wonder about what you like, truly what you enjoy, you have to be honest. You have to look at your own soul and say, ‘This is me. This is what I like to do. I always follow that guide.” She goes on, “I got into massage therapy because there’s simply nothing better than feeling good. Everyone’s life is so full of stress. We get up, we go to work, we deal with things we would rather not deal with, we go home, we worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow. But you will never be more in the moment than you are when you are experiencing a therapeutic massage. There is absolutely nothing better than making someone feel good.”


Asia describes the process of relieving tension through massage therapy as both a physical and a spiritual one. “The mind and the body are connected. The ancient Chinese knew this. They approached the body through their holistic medicine as one whole being, not as a bunch of unconnected systems like we sometimes do today. It’s weird to think that the more time has gone on, the less we actually understand about some things, and the less we do and know about our natural lives. That’s what the current health food craze is all about, you know. Reconnected to ourselves as spiritual beings.” Don’t let Asia’s spiritual philosophy fool you, though. She’s all about the physical. “Your body,” she explains, “can’t just be left alone to do whatever it wants. You’ve got to move it. You’ve got to exercise it. The body responds so incredibly to physical stimulation, to exercise, to exertion. When you think about it, is there any other machine in nature that does that? If you work a machine like your car too hard, too much, it will wear down and break over time. If you work the human body hard over time, it responds by getting stronger, by getting healthier, and by getting sleeker. The harder you work the more toned and sexy you get. Exercise, when you think about it, is a miracle, and a body like this? Well, that’s a miracle that can be seen, can be felt, can be experienced.”


Asia is frank about being seen as a sexy, desirable woman. “Sure, you like to think of yourself as sexy,” she admits, “even on those days when maybe you’re not. We all have ‘bad hair’ days, you know? But I think some men, at least, will agree that there’s nothing sexier than a woman whose hair is a little messed up, whose clothes are a little messed up, who has clearly been enjoying herself, enjoying what she’s doing, and being who she is. Isn’t that sexier than an untouchable china doll who sits on a shelf? Men don’t want perfection. They want close to perfect that they can hold and feel. They want someone they can enjoy. They want somebody real. It’s harder than you might think to stay real, to stay true to yourself. It’s something you’ve got to work on. But if you work on it, and you keep on working on it, you’ll see the results. You’ll see the benefits. And the people around you, they will see it to. They’ll see you as the sexy, confident person you were meant to be. I like that about myself. I like that quality in other people. We’re all drawn to things like that.”

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