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Alisha is a wild young thing. She has no problem partying with groups and other girls. Alisha does it all. She is a warm bodied, enticing palette to the senses, especially the ones that want to spend more and more time with her. Full of mischief and vice. Alisha has no shame, she simply loves to get her groove on. She's at the club, the party, she is into the music, the lights, the Las Vegas life, she does it all.


Alisha appears fragile because of her size and build, but she stays in shape with Karate. One would think that it hurts Alisha for her to keep her clothes on. She loves to wear provocative pieces like a tiny little string bikini top, underneath a sheer tight little graphic tee. If you want to call those scanty pieces that she wears clothes.


Alisha is a cheerleader so she is gymnastically inclined as well as acrobatic. Her light weight makes it easy for her to be tossed around. Her cheerleader skills transfer nicely to the stripper pole. Alisha is very skilled and adept at working the pole. Over and over her gentlemen have raved about Alisha's skills. Alisha is a pocket-sized little woman from the East Coast and she knows how to show her gentleman a good time. Alisha is the life of the party, pulsating with vibrant sexy energy wherever she goes. Alisha doesn't like to sit still, she is energetic and likes to party hard. Alisha is your escort if you are really trying to to have the best time of your life, whether it is in one of the casinos or just at a romantic dinner show.


Alisha can stay up all night partying, downing shots at the bar, getting tipsy and twerkin on the dance floor. If you can't keep up that's OK., she will dance for you, all you have to do is watch. Alicia is the type to slurp her soup and stick her finger in the icing of the cake and taste it. She is mischievous like that. Alicia's lifestyle revolves around the non-stop excitement of the Las Vegas Strip and world famous Las Vegas strip clubs. Alisha has only two settings hot and hotter. She is ready to do whatever you want to do in Las Vegas, at your hotel or wherever you want to do, whatever it is you want to do. Satisfaction is virtually guaranteed because all the gentlemen rave about what a good time they have when they are with Alisha.


Take a romp on the wild side of Las Vegas with your hottest escort, Alisha. Fun and excitement and adventure await. Come and have a good time with your very own sexy companion. Leave all your cares behind and live a night in the kind of life you have always fantasized about.




“Cheerleading and stripping are very closely related,” admits Alisha. “In both cases, what you wear is designed to accentuate your body. It is designed to draw the eye, to draw attention to your body. I mean, yeah, stripping and cheerleading are both about getting wild, too. One is an organized team sport and the other one is cheerleading, ha ha.”


All jokes aside, Alisha has been into cheerleading for so long that just keeping the uniform was a natural choice when she made the transition to more adult activities. “I was a popular girl in high school,” she says, “and I liked being a cheerleader. I liked adding that dash of sex appeal to the games. I liked how men looked at me hungrily in that outfit. You know that movie, the one with the muscle cars dueling it out, where Mary Elizabeth Winstead wears a cheerleading outfit the entire time? That’s an incredibly sexy woman right there, but you put her in a cheerleading outfit and she just become that much more smoking hot incredible. I think an entire generation of young boys probably imprinted on cheerleader fantasies after first seeing that movie.”


Her cheerleading days were very wild, Alisha tells us, but nothing compared to working as a stripper. “Once I made the transition from cheerleading to stripping,” she says, “I realized I had left one world behind. The framework was kind of the same. Being sexy, the timing, the way you had to work with the other girls to accomplish your goal. All of that was familiar. But now I was taking my clothes off in front of strangers. I wasn’t just wearing a kinky, sexy outfit and dancing around in front of them. Now I was wearing a kinky, sexy outfit, dancing around in front of the audience, and slowly removing that kinky, sexy outfit.”


You don’t know how wild you can get, Alisha explains, until you really get pushed out there. “I was reluctant to get into stripping at first,” she says. “But a girlfriend of mine who was also a cheerleader decided to give it a try. The money was good, but from her, I always got the impression that it was not the money that motivated her. I think it was the power of being naked in front of those men, of commanding their attention.”


Alisha also knows how to party in a more conventional sense, as she freely admits. “I like to stay up at an all night party, like a rave,” she says. “I really like raves. I like to feel that dance sweat, that sweat that comes from just dancing all night, until you’re so exhausted all you can do is kind of stand there and sway with your hands in the air. To me, that’s sexier than almost anything a woman can do, and I’m including things like cheerleading, working that pole, taking your clothes off, talking dirty... if a woman can still party when she’s spent, still move her body like she knows how to move it when she’s exhausted... wow, that’s the sexiest thing I can think of in the world.”


When she’s not out partying until the break of dawn, Alisha stays close to home on her non-work days. She says, “I’m actually a homebody on those days when I’m not focused on going out and doing things. I like it quiet on those days. I like to just chill. I think everybody needs that reset now and then. It’s like sleeping. If you couldn’t sleep to reset your day and your mind, you’d go crazy.”

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