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This is the real sexy Bianca. A freshman at UNLV pursuing a bachelor's degree in Nursing. She is also known as the Sexy Nerd. Bianca gets straight “A's” in everything except Math. She is very clear about what she loves in her private life. She loves men and she loves being a Las Vegas Escort.


She already has a Nursing Degree from Nevada State College. Interestingly, the motive behind everything Bianca does, even getting her education, is always about making her look sexier. The only reason why she does anything in the world, is because she wants to find different ways to enhance her already smoking hot sexual appeal.


She uses her intelligence as one way. And then there is the traditional Nurses' dress, for example. It is her favorite because it looks very professional, yet when it is clinging to Bianca's tight, sexy body, that is when you realize that you can see right through the material. The traditional Nurse's dress is very sheer, and the bright color of Bianca’s two piece lace lingerie draws her male patients eye towards it and holds it there.


One of Bianca's nursing techniques is to make a male patient feel better by completely taking his mind of whatever it was that was bothering him, with that gorgeous body of hers. The sheer, white traditional nurses' dress, tailored to cling to her fabulous physique, hugs her subtle curves provocatively, while skimpy lace undergarments can be discerned underneath. Her male patients love her, the doctors love her, the other nurses hate her. She is so sexy with the way she carries out her professional life, just imagine how she is when she is escorting.


Bianca is another one of our all natural fabulous hard-bodies. Bianca keeps her long, lean, lithe physique fit by spinning and doing plyometrics. She is versatile and easy to get along with. She has a dazzling, beautiful smile painted on her lovely face. Bianca keeps her beautiful lips and face, perfectly polished with the finest high-end designer cosmetics. A flawless complexion, smooth radiant skin, long brunette strands flowing down her muscle toned back are the result of a great deal of pampering. Bianca is a knock-out. She keeps her body firm and toned with sit-ups and weight training, she keeps her skin smooth and soft with regular spa treatments. She keeps her gentlemen happy with patient attentive care.


Bianca has a pair of well-muscled, long lean legs that are absolute showstoppers. Her lean thighs taper off into the gentle curve of her calf muscle, and down into the high curvy instep of her high heeled soft supple foot. Her perfectly pedicured toes accented with jewelry complete this very sexy look.


Bianca's easy-going manner and intelligent wit, coupled with her bright ready smile is a simply irresistible combination of feminine beauty. She is very attractive on all levels of attractive, mind, body, personality and sex appeal. Bianca is the complete package. So don't delay, order one today. Bianca, the complete package.




For as long as there have been men’s magazines, there have been “college coed” issues, and Bianca has no illusions about how sexy it is that she’s the young age she is, going to college, and also studying to be a nurse. “It’s a triple whammy,” she says. “We all know those guys who have nurse fantasies. They picture you in that sheer white outfit, with that little hat, maybe with some matching stockings, and they just go absolutely wild. I used to think that fantasy was weird, because nursing is about healing disease, and there’s nothing sexy about disease. But when you think about it, a nurse is the sexiest of women because she is focused on taking care of you. It’s that taking care of you that gets men going. They love the thought of that attention. They love the idea that they are at the center of the world for that woman who is serving them. Sure, there are bound to be some submission fantasies in there as well. But it starts off being all about just having a woman focused on you as the center of the world because that’s really good for your ego.”


Bianca has had certain issues at college because she is so sexy. “I have never been tempted to throw myself at a professor for a better grade,” she laughs, “even though some of them are damned sexy themselves. And nobody has asked me to. But I do get looks. I think looking how I do drives some of the boys on campus out of their minds, and that’s okay. I don’t mind when I see them straining against their jeans and sneaking looks at me. But the looks from their girlfriends aren’t always nearly so friendly. Except sometimes they are.”


Pressing Bianca for details, we learned this much: “One time, I had a class with this super handsome guy,” she says. “He had big, broad shoulders, perfect hair, a face that looked as pretty as any male model you’ve ever seen. I thought for sure he was gay. I mean, have you ever seen one of those guys who is just so handsome, and takes such good care of himself, that you think there’s no way he could be straight? So one day after class I struck up a conversation with him. Again, if he’s in the nursing program, he’s got to be gay looking like that, right? But not only wasn’t he gay, he had a girlfriend. She was this absolutely beautiful girl, petite and taut and toned in a way that only a 21-year-old girl can be.”


Bianca’s friend and his girlfriend invited her over for dinner, and things got interesting from there. “So we’re having dinner,” she said. “I was wearing this short skirt. He drops his fork and disappears under the table to get it. Then I feel a hand on my thigh, followed by his tongue! When he popped back up, she was looking at him with this knowing grin on her face. Then she takes her own fork and, with her eyes locked on his, drops it on the floor! As you can imagine, things got really interesting that night. I think I learned a lot. I know he did.”


Bianca says that once she has finished her nursing degree, it will be time to turn to her next challenge. “I don’t know what comes after that,” she says. “I just know I want it to be stimulating. The one thing I can’t stand is wasting time being bored. I never want to be bored.”

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