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Casey is hot, young and sweet. Her long straight platinum blonde hair cascades down the slender, petite frame of her white back. Her thin lips painted seductively with sheer pink gloss, stretched across a youthful, carefree dazzling white smile. Her natural “D” cups look a lot bigger on her because they grace such a petite frame. Casey is a good girl but she does know how to have a good time and how to show her gentleman a good time.


Casey has very white, flawless skin and she is pink all over. She is a platinum blonde, skinny little babe with huge soft melons. Casey likes to play, night and day. Casey is a professional tease. She knows how to wear just the right kind of clothing. It looks decent and free flowing at first glance, but then when she makes a certain move and it reveals the sexy lingerie clad body part that was previously hidden underneath.


Like reaching overhead will raise her blouse to reveal a tight, flat tummy and pretty bellybutton. Then when she brings her arm back to rest, her beautiful tummy is hidden once again. Another thing she does is wear a loose necked, loose fitting small tee that looks perfectly decent until she leans forward, which exposes the two rounds of her cleavage being held in check by a sheer lace half bra, that can barely contain her mound and bubble gum pink nipples. The white lace bra really accentuates the beauty of her flawless body. She is a tease because she pretends not to notice. The thing that gives her away is that all her clothes are teese style like that so we know it is intentional. The little tease always has an innocent look on her face. Like she doesn't have the slightest idea what effect her gorgeous body peeking from underneath her secretly revealing clothes, is having on the testosterone driven gentleman.


Casey is also a bit of an exhibitionist as well. She doesn't show her body to everybody, but she likes to make absolutely certain that she brings your attention rapt, with the unexpected flash of some pink skin, every now and then. If she is in the mood she likes to flash her gentlemen in public in such a way that, only he will notice. She is the consummate tease and has become very good at it. Casey loves the look of burning lust in a man's eye when he stares at her. She pretends not to notice, while egging it on.


Casey is young, loose and carefree. She loves strolling arm-in-arm pressing the side of her ripe little body against the side of yours, as a demonstration of the affectionate companion that she is, and like to be. Casey makes a good companion because of her awesome looks. She has a physically fit petite frame. Topped with a nice sized pair of melons, slightly curving into a long slender waist and a little white bottom that still has some peach fuzz on it.




The contradiction, where Casey is concerned, is that as relaxed and carefree as she is, her body comes at the investment of a great deal of hard work. “I spend several hours every week just focused on working out,” she says. “I say ‘several.’ It feels like ‘hundreds.’ The real number is somewhere in between. But you can’t ever build anything if you don’t work at it. And keeping what you’ve got is a lot easier than trying to get it back once you’ve lost it.”


Casey’s body draws a lot of attention when she’s out, and one of her favorite stories revolves around just how hot she happens to be. “I used to go to this coffee shop every day,” she says. “I don’t indulge too much, but I like a small coffee in the morning, and I sure work it off after that. So I got into the habit and I became a regular. The barista got to know me by name, and then he would just have my order, ready to go, every day. All I would have to do was step foot into that coffee shop and he would start preparing my order, just the way I like it.


“So one day I walked in and there was no coffee. I went up to the counter and I found out that my barista had gotten married. And when he did, his new wife had told him he had to get a different job! It was because she knew he was obsessed with me. Word had gotten around. He talked about me to his coworkers. His coworkers and his wife had mutual friends. She eventually figured out that he fantasized about me from time to time. So she made him quit his job. I had no idea! I hope wherever he is that he is happy.”


Casey works hard to reduce her stress level through both exercise and meditation. The meditation, she explains, is very important, because it helps renew the brain and rejuvenate the body. “People think of sleep as the way the body and the mind recover after every day,” says Casey. “And that’s true up to a point. But you can clean out the cobwebs in your mind by meditating, and this in turn helps you to get to sleep every day, and to get deeper, more restorative sleep when you do.”


Proper rest is something Casey believes in very strongly. “I absolutely love being in bed. On Sundays I like to stay in bed all day if I can. There’s nothing I like better than a long, slow Sunday in bed with my lover, cuddled up to him and reading the paper, having coffee, and just relaxing. If you don’t know what that’s like, if all you ever do is stress yourself out, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Life has to have those little resets, those little cleansings of the brain and body. And it takes more than just lip-service to accomplish that. You have to invest real time. It’s like spending the time and money on a vacation isn’t always just a luxury. Sometimes it is very much a necessity. You’ve got to be willing to spend money on yourself, and time on yourself, in order to get rest. Without it, you’ll fall apart.”


Casey recently took up bicycling, too, but doesn’t have real strong feelings about it. “I just like exercise,” she says. It doesn’t matter to me how that exercise happens. I just want to move my body and sweat sometimes. That’s really all it takes, is to move.”

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