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Heather is a saucy little Brunette that looks like a much younger girl, dressed up trying to look much older. She likes to wear a lot of cosmetics and is a real brazen looking little chick. Her flat body and her tiny, perky breasts make her look very juvenile. The way she wears her makeup is very gaudy like a little girl playing dress-up. Which makes her look even younger. Her body looks fabulous in her signature matching lace top thigh highs, French cut lace panties and lace bra. She has this ensemble in every single color imaginable, she look so sexy in her lingerie. Her signature tool is the lingerie under the trenchcoat.She has a body that looks good in all kinds of clothing, her taut flat tummy looks the sexiest in a two piece ensemble. Heather is really cute to look at with her long brunette tresses and sassy bronze red lips. She partakes in catering to a full range of Las Vegas style escort delicacies, the clubs, the tables, the slots, the hotels, the shows, dinner for two, the bar...whatever you want, Heather is game.


Heather likes to touch, and she likes to be touched. Heather likes full body contact from slow dancing to fun wrestling. Heather is kind of rough around the edges which gives her an unpredictable quality that is very exciting.


The quality about Heather that stands out the most, doesn't stand out at all, is her unassuming gorgeous body. Heather's body looks like she started puberty and never finished it. Heather likes to have a good time in and around town. She feels at home at the top restaurants and nightclubs, as well as any of main casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. You can take her to an elegant dinner date or to a party about town. No matter where you will take her you will always feel proud to have her on hers ide and you will always have a good time with this bubbly young woman


Heather is very erotic, and can barely contain her overflowing sex appeal. She is good company for the intense one on one personal experience you have come to expect from a Las Vegas Escort. Heather is available anytime for your convenience, viewing pleasure and Las Vegas night time delight.


Like most of our Las Vegas Escorts, Heather is skilled on the pole. She can swirl and twirl, up and down that pole and does plan to become a professional stripper in the near future. Most of her girlfriends are already top strippers in Las Vegas and they have been grooming Heather for the strip club scene. So don't be surprised if she wants to practice her moves with you. Heather is a special exotic blend of beauty and raw finesse. She likes to party and have a good time. She loves the Las Vegas nightlife and she will love to show it to you.




“I still remember the first boyfriend I ever surprised with the whole lingerie-under-the-trenchcoat number,” Heather admits with a smile on her face. “I went all out. I got the most elaborate lingerie I could find. I had a push-up lace bra, a garter belt, fishnet stockings, high heels. I put all that on and nothing else. I put on just enough perfume so that he could smell me being pretty. And I put the coat on over it. Then I went to meet him at his parent’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.

“You should have seen the look on his face. I stood with my back to his mother. There were all kinds of relatives from his extended family there. His mother told my boyfriend to take my coat, and he looked at me as I opened the coat and his face went red. He made up some kind of excuse and then hustled me off to another room, the guest room that used to be his when he was a boy. And then he did all kinds of filthy things with me. I know his relatives heard us. I just know it. You should have seen the look we got from his uncle later on at dinner. His dad looked proud and his mother just looked awkward. That’s probably my favorite Thanksgiving story.”


Wild as she is, Heather is no stranger to the club scene. “I like to walk into a club in the tightest, shortest dress I can manage,” she says. “I want a dress so tight I can’t even wear underwear with it. I’ll walk into that club and without turning my head, I’ll know which men are turning theirs. I can feel their eyes on me. I can feel them wanting me. It’s better than any alcohol, the high you get from being wanted. But then I’ll go one better. If it’s a strip club, I’ll walk in like that... and then I’ll get up on stage.”


Heather knows her way around when it comes to pole dancing, as she has pretty extensive experience with it. “I love to swing around and around on the pole,” she says. “In some ways it’s like I’m a little kid again, but in every way that counts, I am the sexiest woman alive. I work that pole and I think of it as my lover. I think about the eyes of the men in the audience, watching me, watching every curve of my body, wishing they were with me. I try to put as much energy and effort into my performance as I can. Pole dancing is one of those things where you get out of it every bit of energy that you put in. It’s sexy and acrobatic.”


Heather even admits that she tried the exercise pole dancing craze. “I bought one of those poles that you put in your bedroom,” she says. “It just kind of clamps in there. Well, I didn’t do it right. So I’m watching the stripper-dance exercise video, and I’m following along faithfully with my pole, and the whole thing comes out of the wall and lands on the floor with a terrible crash. My neighbor came by and wanted to know if I was okay. I answered the door in a thong and a bra and his eyes just about came out of his head. So of course I had to invite him in to help me. I still get a call from him now and then. I think we all need to laugh at ourselves sometimes. I don’t take life that seriously.”

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