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  • Telephone: (702) 944-7773
  • City: Las Vegas
  • State: Nevada
  • Country: USA
  • Star: 90
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Phoebe is a brunette with a sexy feminine rebel edge. Phoebe's dark brown bedroom eyes will lure you and her full pouty mouth will entice you. She has a rail thin body with the slightest hint of female curves. Phoebe is flat-chested with a tight tummy and narrow, slender hips. The somewhat haughty, confident vibe this little vixen puts out, is an attractive complement to the fine-tuned man skills she puts out.


She is tantalizing and vivacious and concentrates fully on making you feel good. Phoebe's is a master at twerkin' and can bounce and wiggle her little narrow butt in any direction on the dance floor and off. When Phoebe is not alluring gentlemen with her seductive dance moves, she enjoys nude sunbathing poolside. Phoebe aspires to obtain an MBA and become an successful entrepreneur in the Adult Entertainment industry.


Phoebe is addicted to the power that being a sexual goddess affords her. She loves the lavish lifestyle that being a Las Vegas Escort allows her to live. Her mantra for getting paid to be an Escort is “easy money for having a good time.” Phoebe drives an expensive car and wears expensive designer brands and loves getting paid for her time. Phoebe knows exactly what she wants and how to get it and she expects the same from the gentleman she is with. Having a good time is most important to her and she will do everything to entertain the right gentleman.


Phoebe is multi-talented, she can dance exotically, massage professionally, and seduce you with her intelligence. Her long brunette hair falls seductively across one side of her face highlighting her eager lips. Phoebe does everything with a mind toward providing you with a great experience and time. This sexy woman will say whatever you want to hear, go wherever you want to go, and do whatever you want to do, to make sure that when you go home the next day, you remember her.


Having a date with Phoebe definitely doesn’t come cheap but there is no question: she is worth every penny. She truly enjoys what she does because it allows her to make money doing the things she loves in a city that caters to girls like her looking for the best time of their lives She is into the clubs, gambling, drinking, partying or just alone at your hotel.


Phoebe is ready to take care of you. Phoebe is well acquainted with all the hottest shows and Las Vegas hot spots, keeping you hovering on the edge of excitement and sexy adventures. Phoebe is as friendly, as she is business minded and she loves to give you her full attention. Her relaxed demeanor, and cool polished facade is engaging. She leans back gazing provocatively at you with alluring, dark brown, bedroom eyes. Her lips are so sexy that when she speaks it is easy to forget about what she is saying. She wears a lot of high gloss, lip gloss on her generous lips, making them look like ripe and juicy fruit begging to be bitten into.


Phoebe will escort you on a night you will never forget. She knows some of the out of the way places that only caters to the upper echelons of Las Vegas society. For a comfortable, relaxed good time with the sexiest Las Vegas Escort on your arm. Call the number below and ask for “Phoebe”




“Have you ever really thought about what it means to give someone the ‘bedroom eyes?’” Phoebe asks us. “I have. I think about it a lot. Over the years I’ve perfected my ‘bedroom eyes.’ I want a man to know, when I lock eyes on him, everything I’m thinking. I want him to imagine absolutely everything i want to do with him. I want him to picture my body, my sexy, incredible body, and I want him to blush and to be overwhelmed with everything he’s thinking.”


When she’s not working on her smoky bedroom eyes, Phoebe is dancing and practicing massage. It is dancing, though, that she loves most. “Dancing is as old as people,” she says. “Even when the only ‘music’ was the beat of some primitive drum, people danced. They danced because on some instinctive level, they knew that moving their bodies was good.


“When I dance, I just totally give myself over to the music. I love how that feels. I love the complete abandoning of everything else. They say that you get into a state of Zen when you can totally free your mind of thinking, when you erase the separation between you and the universe. Well, that’s how I feel when I’m dancing. I just totally center myself in it and I enjoy moving my body with the music. When the bass is nice and loud, and I can feel it vibrating in my chest, it starts to turn me on. I would just go sit on the speaker if I could and feel it pumping through me.”


As for massage, Phoebe says that she would give massages with her mouth, if she could. “Lips are very sensual,” she explains. “You need your hands to give a proper massage. You’ve got to be able to soothe the tension out of the muscles. That takes a lot of power, a lot of elbow grease, so to speak. So you couldn’t give a good massage with your mouth. And I know where your dirty minds are going, ha ha. But really, to think of how sensual the lips are, I would love to run my lips over someone’s body and know that I was also doing for them what a massage could. It would be a real turn on. But some things are best left to the hands and good old fashioned muscle power.”


Phoebe prides herself on being able to take care of a man. “I like to get to know a man really well when I date him,” she says. “I want to know him inside and out, figure out what he likes and doesn’t like, but more, what he might not know he likes. I mean, nobody really knows themselves as well as they could. That’s why when someone really cares about us, sometimes it seems like they know us better than we know ourselves. Well, if I really want to serve my man, I want to get to know him so well that I anticipate his needs. If I do things he likes before he knows he wants them, that tells him that I care about that relationship, but also makes me undeniably sexy in his eyes. He appreciates what I do for him and, in gratitude, he’ll do just about anything for me back.”


Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be drop-dead sexy, as Phoebe is well aware. “I know that men check me out.” she says. “I love it. That’s why I learned to do the bedroom eyes. When a man is checking me out, I want to return that look.”

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