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This Blonde little woman has a tiny little blonde patch of pubic hairs, shaved into a heart shape, in order to prove that she is a real blonde. Rachel has a dynamite body, long and lean and firm to the touch. Rachel’s sexy oversized breasts accentuate how small her waist is. And when she is lying on her back, they sit up perfectly into two round shaped mounds, topped off just like a sundae, with two cherries. Rachel's generous mouth is very inviting with soft, moist, luscious glossy lips. Every now and then, without realizing it, she provocatively runs her pink tongue across her luscious lips and it is a real turn-on. Rachel is aware of her feminine beauty and charm and loves the attention she gets from guys looking at her helplessly. Rachel's favorite fashion ensemble consists of 3 items: 6 inch stilettos, a diamond belly button ring and a spritz of Chanel perfume.


Rachel is an experienced pole dancer and if you’re lucky she may invite you to a private strip show. But even if you take her out to the top nightclubs the city has to offer you will enjoy the way she dances, with you or for you. Rachel understands how to show a good time to the gentleman she spends her time with as she really likes to have a good time herself.


Rachel is definitely a volcano with the looks and the body to match. Her slender, curvy frame and shapely figure are an irresistible combination. She knows she is gorgeous and she enjoys to be admired. Take her to dinner and the room will turn their attention to this beautiful young lady and everybody will envy you having this woman on your side. Not only is her body perfect she also has become very adept at getting it to work the way it was intended. From the top of her tousled blonde mane to her perfectly manicured toes, Rachel is flawless. From the look in her eyes, to the intelligent conversations she can hold, Rachel is flawless. If you are into that blonde bombshell look and persona, Rachel is the perfect fit.


Rachel is a lot of fun to be around and ultra sexy to look at. She is has super model looks, and a first class perfect body, yet her attitude and personality is vivacious and fun loving. Rachel is just as much fun at a nightclub, at the casino or at your hotel. Rachel loves to have fun all the way down to the core of her being. Every move she makes, every little thing she does is provocative. She can't help herself, and she has the looks to carry it off. She does not flaunt it, that is just how she is. Everything about her is designed to titillate the senses and your senses will not be disappointed. Rachel is highly skilled in the art of escorting, besides partying this is all she has ever done, and all she has ever wanted to do.




The thing Rachel loves most in the world, she says, is stimulating others’ senses. “When you’re giving a private strip show,” she says, it’s all about your ability to overload a guy’s senses. I mean, obviously, if you overload him too much, if you know what I mean, he’s going to lose interest. The idea is to bring him to the brink of that sensory overload. There are women who can just talk to a man and turn him on so much he practically forgets his name. Well, when I’m giving a private show, I want him so overwhelmed by watching me that he’s sweating. I want to know that I’m blowing him away with every move.”


When she’s not working on her pole routines, Rachel is at the gym, where she takes great pride in her workout regimen. “I’ve got this whole workout planned,” she explains. “It has evolved over time. I took it from the ground up. I had the help of friends and training partners, but as I built and toned my body, I worked out what I liked and what I didn’t, and now I sculpt and tone myself using this workout program. I don’t know, maybe I should have a DVD or something.” She laughs as she says that. “But of course my workout also stimulates some senses around the gym.”


Rachel says she met a boyfriend whom she dated for a little while at the gym improving that workout, and her boyfriend at the time actually helped her improve it. “He was such a strong man,” she says, sounding wistful as she recalls it. “He could pick me up with one arm and practically throw me over his head. We were so good together. Ever since he helped me fine tune my workout I’ve been looking better than ever.” Life is not, for Rachel, all work and no play, however. She enjoys going out clubbing with her girlfriends, and she takes her duties as “wing man” very seriously. “We’ve all got that friend who doesn’t know her limits,” she says. “I make sure to look out for my friends when we’re in the club. Girls have a version of the code that guys have, you know. Guys are always looking out for their buddies and trying not to get in the way of them picking up women. Well, girls are sometimes working against that and sometimes working to get picked up. It depends on the situation.”


Rachel explains that the dark, noisy environments of some clubs are better for fun and excitement than some jaded club-goers might realize. “The club is the perfect environment,” she says. “You can do things there that you can’t do anywhere else. We all have crazy, wild club stories. We’ve all seen people get completely out of control. Clubs are the one place you can do that, where you can left off steam and really get your freak on.


“I think that’s why club bathrooms are notorious for shenanigans. You get all these people in this sexy environment, wearing their sexiest clothes, and you put them in like a pressure cooker where they’re all grinding together. It’s no wonder some people pop under pressure like that. You can hardly blame them. And when you’re in the club, you’re cheering them on. You want to see them get crazy. You want to see them get nuts. You want to see those bodies intertwined. So we all kind of go along with the crazy atmosphere. It’s a way we can all live sort of vicariously, even though we’re right there too.”

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